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Giulio Cesareo
CEO and Founder

Giulio Cesareo is one of the founders of Directa Plus. He previously worked in the carbon and graphite field for Union Carbide, UCAR and Graftech, where he was President and CEO of the Italian company and VP and General Manager of the Advanced Carbon and Graphite business unit. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the National Graphene Association.

Robert Angelo Mercuri
Scientific Advisor

Robert Angelo Mercuri is a founder of Directa Plus and the inventor of its technologies. He brings with him a great experience from the fields of chemistry, electro-chemicals and their development and processes. He is the inventor of 360 patents.

Laura Giorgia Rizzi
Scientific Advisor

Dr. Laura Giorgia Rizzi obtained a Master of Physics Engineering degree in 2009 and a PhD in Physics in 2012 from Politecnico di Milano, the latter funded by Directa Plus. She currently follows activities related to the G+® process, and product and applications development.

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David Gann
Scientific Advisor

David Gann is a renowned expert on technological innovation and an accomplished business and academic leader. He is Oxford University’s Pro-Vice Chancellor for Development and External Affairs, and Chair of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority.