Directa Plus awarded by the London Stock Exchange for sustainability


Graphene is confirmed not only as one of the key technologies for the future of innovation, but also as crucial in terms of sustainability. This is demonstrated by the recognition obtained by Directa Plus from the London Stock Exchange where it is listed: the London Stock Exchange’s Green Economy Mark, which is awarded only to companies that demonstrate to generate 50% or more of their annual revenue from products and services that contribute to the global green economy.
It is no coincidence that Directa Plus has managed to obtain the tmark: the graphene production process for the Como company is based on a totally physical process, protected by patents, which avoids the use of chemistry. This capacity – unique among graphene manufacturers – guarantees not only better quality of the finished product, but also greater sustainability in the process.
“We are proud that our commitment to the green economy is also recognised today by the London Stock Exchange – says Giulio Cesareo, founder and CEO of Directa Plus – from the beginning we have structured ourselves as a sustainable company, taking into account at all times our impact on the world around us. The Company and its investors are proud of the mark we have received”.
The London Stock Exchange’s Green Economy Mark was established in 2019 and was created precisely to highlight those companies listed on London market that make a significant contribution to the ecological transition. Today, investors are increasingly attentive to the issue and offer savers around the world certified products in terms of sustainability, which is why the brand becomes a fundamental element in deciding which actions are worthy of pooling resources. The methodology for assigning the award is based on the Green Revenues data model developed by the FTSE Russell. It provides a detailed analysis of environmental goods, products and services and is designed to recognise both “pure-play” green technology companies and those in all sectors that contribute significantly to the transition to a sustainable, low-carbon economy.