About us Mission and Vision

Our vision is to continue to be at the frontline of graphene innovation globally: developing what is possible today and evolving graphene technology for our industrial partners and customers of the future

Our mission is to deliver the best quality graphene at the best possible price in the most sustainable way, whilst supporting the industrialisation of existing and new vertical applications



Directa Plus


Directa Plus has a unique and patented, chemical-free production process of pristine graphene nanoplatelets, tailored to our partners’ and customers’ requirements. The manufacturing model is flexible and scalable.

We are strongly committed to environmental sustainability and abide by a strong Code of Ethics in all aspects of our business practice.


Our company has a pioneering vision of the applications of G+® Graphene Plus materials in different industrial sectors.

Directa Plus was founded in 2005, one year after the isolation of graphene by the two physicists Geim and Novoselov and in 2016 listed on London Stock Exchange – AIM.

The headquarters are in London, while the Italian site is the center of operations, including research, production, intellectual property, marketing and sales.


Directa Plus established an Advanced Development Area (ADA) composed of different laboratories to test and certify the performance quality of all our products. ADA team provides technical support to our partners.

Our strategy is primarily to target existing products and markets that can be significantly improved with the addition of Directa Plus products. The Company works with key partners, benefitting from their knowledge of the market, strong reputation and commercial channels.

The markets where G+® is already at a commercial stage are:

textile, environment, composite, elastomers and tires, battery and paints

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  • Patent for filtration system
  • Distribution Agreement with Reda Energy
    first distribution agreement for oil spill response products containing Grafysorber®
  • First mass adoption of G+® enhanced asphalt for Milan-Turin motorway
    by Iterchimica
  • First use of G+® printed lining in bulletproof vests
    by a worldwide leader in the manufacturing industry of body armors
  • Beginning of the development of G+® Coating
    first application by Danese (Artemide Group) and Plinio il Giovane
  • Impregnated lining
    beginning of the development of the impregnation lining
  • Norda
    the first trial running shoe with G+® membrane
  • First use of G+® in batteries
    Agreement with Nextech batteries for the supply of Grafyenergy®
  • G+® enhanced asphalt on Ponte San Giorgio
    by Iterchimica
  • G+® Capsule Collection Cosmic
    composed by t-shirt and jackets
  • G+® Comask Collection
    certified as antiviral and antibacterial
  • First G+® enhanced filament
    for 3D printing
  • Clima System
    lamination of Grafytherm® membrane for luxury winter coats
  • Cycling Jersey
    by Oakley
  • First road with G+® Asphalt
    by Itherchimica
  • Firefighters and railways uniforms
    by Alfredo Grassi
  • Eyeglasses and Sunglasses
    by Luxottica
  • First Capsule Collection
    by Colmar
  • Oil adsorbent materials with Grafysorber®
  • First generation of the Graphene Plus® membrane Grafytherm®
  • High performance Graphene Plus® textile membranes
  • Bicycle tyre
    by Vittoria
  • Bicycle carbon fiber rim
    by Vittoria