What makes G+® Graphene Plus a safe choice?

G+® Graphene Plus is unique, patented, made in Italy and completely sustainable. It is made up of Pristine Graphene Nanoplatelets (GNPs). Versatility, sustainability and high performances are the strengths of our G+® patented technology, which sets Directa Plus apart from all other graphene producers worldwide.
Due to various production processes and distinct physical/chemical characteristics graphene materials differ from one another. Among different graphene materials G+® is the safest choice because:

  • G+® Graphene Plus is obtained by purely physical treatments of natural graphite, thus avoiding any chemical treatments with organic solvents or acids, and just exploiting water, temperature and pressure to reduce the graphite thickness to the nanometric level, in a safe and sustainable way.
  • G+® Graphene Plus is made of graphene nanoplatelets with a lateral dimension (X-Y) in the micrometer range. Only the thickness (Z) is nanometric. G+® Graphene Plus has only one dimension in the nanometric range, for this reason it does not allow biological interactions.
  • Since our company was established, we implement a proactive approach to health, safety and environmental protection by monitoring our production process and products. Since 2013, we collected 43 certificates or recognitions reporting the absence of negative impacts on biological systems.