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Project Validation

G+® is already commercially applied in various fields: textile, environment, composite materials, elastomers, batteries and paints.
If your application is not included in these sectors, the R&D team will evaluate the feasibility of your idea and propose to your company a joint development project to enhance the properties of your products and differentiate your business.


G+® stands for its uniqueness: patented technology and product, made in Italy, sustainability and performance, purity, and certified non-toxicity.
G+® is a trademark available to our customers to guarantee quality and safety to the final consumer.
The product performances are granted from tests and specific certifications.
The tests are carried out by internal and external laboratories before the product is marketed and provide reliability for both producers and final consumers.


We provide technical-commercial support to national and international trade fairs, collaborate in the drafting of traditional and digital communication materials, launch press releases, guaranteeing excellent organic national and international visibility.