Corporate overview

Directa Plus has developed a proprietary scalable, modular manufacturing process to produce and supply high quality engineered graphene materials – marketed under its ‘Graphene Plus’ (G+®) brand – which can be used by partners and clients in a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications.

We create value through partnering with leading industrial entities with large international footprints that provide significant growth opportunities, but also important reference customers to support the roll out of graphene enhanced products and services globally. The success of this strategy can be seen in our progress in the environmental remediation and textiles markets, and other areas where we see great potential.

Directa Plus plc is incorporated under the laws of England and Wales with the registration number 04679109 and registered office address at 7th Floor 50 Broadway, London, SW1H 0DB.

The Company’s business operations are based in Italy with its primary office address at ComoNExT Science Park, Via Cavour 2, Lomazzo 22074, (CO) Italy.