Schmid and Directa Plus partnership for graphene in footwear

March 2022

The innovative spirit of both companies led them to a partnership to spread the great advantages of the material also to the fabrics used in the footwear sector.
The price level of these innovative solutions is affordable and in the mid-range, and the processing is not complicated at all: the material integrates with textile substrates through common procedures.

Graphene is a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal structure. Directa Plus, founded in 2005, is one of the largest producers and suppliers of ultra-pure sheets of graphene. The nearly 100 active patents undoubtedly make it an innovative company, just like Schmid, a leader in the supply of  materials for the footwear world. Their partnership aims to spread the use of graphene globall in shoes and clothing, so as to make the most of the virtues and benefits of the material, which is also sustainable. G+® products of Directa Plus, in fact, are obtained thanks to a proprietary and patented technology, which involves the natural transformation of graphite by, a water-based process that does not use any dangerous chemical substance. G+® Graphene Plus can be applied on different types of fabric through different technologies, including printing, membrane lamination, impregnation and coating.

Here are some interesting applications of the material.

A functional print which, when applied to any type of fabric, works as a thermal circuit, capable of interacting with the human body by absorbing and moving heat from a warmer point to a cooler one. The print also combines an antibacterial effect.

G+® is incorporated within a polyurethane membrane that can be laminated self-supporting or combined with a PTFE membrane directly on a fabric, providing protection from water, breathability and unique thermal comfort, as well as antibacterial protection.

An impregnation process in which the fabric is immersed in a water-based bath containing G+® It creates a fully antibacterial, antistatic and thermally comfortable material.