Graphene to recover oil: green light from the EPA USA to Directa Plus

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The Italian company will be able to use its product on the American market for the recovery of hydrocarbons also in industrial processes. Title has ups and downs in London
The looming energy crisis and rising energy prices require efficiency to be recovered in all fields related to the use of fuels, combining economic and environmental value.

In this context, Directa Plus, a company specialising in the manufacture of graphene-based products, has announced that it has received authorisation from the EPA, the Federal Environmental Protection Agency of the United States, for the use of its technology in all hydrocarbon recovery processes.

Its Grafysorber makes it possible to recover the oil lost in all industrial processes, becoming an important resource for companies at this juncture. It is no coincidence that the news was greeted by a sharp rise in Directa Plus’s shares at the London Stock Exchange, where it jumped up to 8 percent in the morning, then shrunk and limited its earnings to less than one percent.
The EPA decision opens the US market, where annual oil consumption is 7.2 billion barrels.

The Grafysorber is made with only physical processes, (very high temperature) and without the use of chemical additives, has a selective absorbent capacity of the hydrocarbons present in the water and allows their subsequent recovery, not only in the case of accidental spills at sea, but also within industrial processes.

After years of experimentation, the product has reached the marketing stage and there are the first results on an industrial scale in Romania. During 2021, 7 thousand tonnes of oil were recovered, equivalent to 124,600 barrels, which at today’s price and current exchange rate are worth almost 12 million euro.
Even in Italy, where the annual consumption of oil is 475 million barrels, the possibility of recovering the oil dispersed in the production processes represents an opportunity to save from an economic point of view as well as in an environmental protection one.