Italian graphene lands in the United States

Il Sole 24 Ore

The energy crisis and the rise in energy prices make it necessary to recover efficiency in all fields related to the use of fuels by combining economic value with environmental value. In this context, Directa Plus, a company specialising in the manufacture of graphene-based products, has obtained the authorisation of EPA, the US Environmental Protection Agency, for the use of its technology in all hydrocarbon recovery processes.
Its Grafysorber makes it possible to recover the oil lost in all industrial processes, becoming an important resource for companies at this juncture. The news sent the Directa Plus shares on a roller coaster at the London Stock Exchange, which in the morning had managed to earn up to 8%, and then downsize and halve profits to 4%. The decision of the EPA opens the US market to the Como company, where the annual consumption of oil is 7.2 billion barrels. (P.Sol.)