Directa Plus, revenue announced up 40% in 2021. Cesareo (Directa Plus): “The recent capital increase will allow us to accelerate growth in the most promising markets”


Directa Plus, an Italian company leader in the production of graphene with scalable, sustainable and chemical-free technology, approved the 2021 financial statements, which confirms the trend of growth in total revenues (€9.45M against €6.78M in 2020) and containment of losses (EBITDA – €1.99M against – €2.62M in 2020). Therefore, the operating margin with EBITDA margin improves, going from -38% in 2020 to -21% in 2021. Directa Plus confirms itself as one of the leading companies in the world market for graphene nanoplatelets that, according to a report by Reports and Data, had a value of $51.96M in 2021 and is
destined to reach $755.26M in 2030 (34.63% CAGR annual growth). On the industrial side Directa Plus continues with its intellectual property strategy almost doubling the number of patents today to 72, to which are added the pending patents that bring the total number of patents to 100. The company is making progress in the target sectors: environmental remediation, which accounts for 76% of revenues, and textiles, which accounts for 21% of revenues. In the environmental remediation sector, the year was characterised by progress in the marketing of Grafysorber hydrocarbon absorption technology which led to contracts with Petrotel Lukoil S.A. (€0.4M) and OMV Petrom (€3.2M). Grafysorber technology also obtained EPA approval in April 2022 for use in the United States on any oil contamination on U.S. territory. In the same month there was a first order from Grafysorber from a British company and Directa Plus is participating in tenders in several European countries. The textile sector has been characterised by the launch of Directa Plus’s proprietary line of high-performance sportswear, the Cosmic Collection, which takes advantage of the G+ patent already chosen even by haute couture houses. In November 2021, it won a tender for the project of TECH FAST of the Lombardy Region, for a total duration of 12 months and a total value of about 0.3 million euro, 50% of which is non-repayable. G+ technology can also be used for the production of high performance air and water filters. Giulio Cesareo, Founder and CEO, comments: “I believe that Directa Plus is now at a turning point: we have many opportunities in many markets: from filtration systems to batteries, through the recovery of fuel oils to sportswear. Our technology that does not use any chemical to make graphene nanoplatelets is strategic and puts Italy at the forefront in one of the fastest evolving sectors. According to market estimates, our sector will grow 15 times between now and 2030. The recent capital increase will allow us to accelerate growth in the most promising markets and continue to invest new development opportunities.”