Directa Plus’ graphene-based filters to absorb petrol

L’eco di Bergamo

There is a type of technology that is growing exponentially and has great strategic potential for Italy. This technology is graphene, i.e., an atom-thick carbon sheet that is strong and flexible at the same time.

“It is a nanomaterial that functions as a super additive and is able to enhance the characteristics of the material it is added to” said Giulio Cesareo. He is the CEO and founder of Directa Plus – a company based in Lomazzo, Como.

It was founded in 2005 and specializes in graphene-based products (identified in the G+® brand), that are intended for the international consumer and industrial markets. “We produce graphene using only physics no harsh chemicals. We have green certifications from the London Stock Exchange (where we’re also listed). We have 80 granted patents and 45 certificates, that attest that our material doesn’t have any negative impact on health”. This material can be inserted in different areas of application. “We started from some textile applications” with technical garments that can dissipate heat and have mechanical, thermal and both antibacterial and antiviral characteristics. “We obtained an American patent for the graphene membranes and we’re currently working on antiflame and anticorrosion paints and coatings, that can also counter air resistance. We cooperate with Colmar to produce garments for downhill athletes.”

Among all of the applications, the most important is Grafysorber, a technology based on a three-dimensional structure of graphene, that can be used to create innovative products able to absorb hydrocarbons dispersed in water due to accidental spills in productive processes. In order to allow the use of Grafysorber in oil extraction sites in the North Sea, Directa Plus signed last July an agreement with Reda Energy, which is a company that works with the main firms in the oil, gas and environmental industries.

“We’re also working on a project related to lithium-sulphur batteries enhanced with graphene, that are safer, more economic and with a-3-to-5-times higher energy density”. Directa Plus foresees “a 40% increase in revenues” and aims to obtain the attention of some big institutional groups, both in the U.S. and in Italy.