Directa Plus launches the Cosmic Collection enhanced with G+®


Performing, sustainable and high-tech. These are only a few of the defining qualities of Directa Plus’ Cosmic Collection garment, which are enhanced with G+®, the purest graphene on the market. The collection comprises two jackets called Starship Jacket and 2004 Jacket, one t-shirt named the Tech Shirt and the Neptune Polo, all made with fabrics manufactured in Italy. The garments were created to meet the needs of those who are looking for high-tech garments that are also trendy and fashion.

The Starship Jacket is inspired by the underwater world. It is made with an elastic three-layer technology, windproof and waterproof properties and it can adapt to any climatic condition.

The 2004 Jacket is elegant yet sporty and it is made with G+® Coating. The garment has a nylon hoodie and waterproof zips.

The Neptune Polo is inspired by futuristic elite athletes with passion for golf, polo, tennis or vail. Thanks to the patented and registered Planar Thermal Circuit® (PTC®) technology, it provides a unique thermal comfort. The Planar Thermal Circuit® is, in fact, an intelligent print that acts as a thermal circuit.

Finally, the Tech Shirt is a technical shirt produced with sustainable materials and has an ergonomic fit. The retroreflective print on the back creates a 3D effect. When exposed to the light, this print increases the garment visibility.