The Made-in-Como graphene is one of the protagonists of Pitti Uomo with a collection for the Italian Army

La Provincia

Directa Plus’ technology was adopted by the Italian Army for its own sportive apparel brand “Esercito Sportswear”. Directa Plus is a company based in Como and the only graphene producer in Italy. The first collection comprises three high quality garments, that are also resistant, effective and trendy. The garments are enhanced with G+ and were showcased at Pitti Immagine Uomo 103, receiving compliments from the Chief of General Staff, i.e. Pietro Serino.

The capsule collection is made up of two jackets and a t-shirt. One jacket is coated with graphene, it has antibacterial and antiviral properties and is water repellent, highly resistant and can be used also when riding a motorcycle.

Then there’s the softshell jacket, that is made of a three-layer fabric, one of which is a membrane enhanced with graphene; it maintains the usual characteristics of membranes, but it is also windproof, elastic and grants the thermoregulation and the body heat redistribution. It also has antistatic properties since it disperses electric charges assuring a higher comfort and an enhanced breathability by reducing the internal humidity.

Finally, the technical shirt is made with the G+ print and assures the thermoregulation, is antimicrobial and reduces bad smells. “We can’t say it is self-cleaning – explained the CEO Giulio Cesareo – but thanks to the graphene antibacterial properties, it can be used for more days without having bad smells. This means that the wash cycles can be reduced”.

The collaboration with the Italian Army will add innovative and sustainable technologies in “Esercito Sportswear” garments. This brand manufactures and distributes garments and accessories which are produced by Officina Italia under exclusive licence of Difesa Servizi, that is the in house society of the Defence Ministry. Directa Plus is the only society to have an Italian-based industrial production and the only one to produce a sustainable graphene, without using harsh chemicals.

“I’m proud to have created three garments in partnership with the Italian Army and I’m pleased with the products’ characteristics. They are beautiful, technical and efficient and are connected to their stories. The graphene technology is 100% Italian, efficient and sustainable”.