The fabric of the future is born in Como and is enhanced with graphene: it’s warm, resistant and always clean


Como – Graphene is a versatile material that has thousands of applications and features. Somebody defined it as the new millennium plastic for its ability to transform the substances it comes into contact with. It is made of a single layer of carbon atoms, meaning it has a width equivalent to the dimension of a single atom. It has a theoretic diamond resistance and  plastic flexibility and, for this reason, the textile industry is interested in this new material.

Against this backdrop, the partnership between the Como-based Colombo Industrie Tessili, a historical firm founded in 1962, and Directa Plus, the main European producer of graphene using proprietary patented technology, , is made. The partnership between the two players gave birth to a new innovative fabric, obtained using a graphene-based dyeing treatment. The fabric maintains its typical characteristics, which are enhanced by the graphene properties, in this case Graphene Plus, which is the only graphene without harsh chemicals and with a natural graphite based process.

The result is perfect for both Internal and external usage, such as in linings, that can revolutionise the daily garments’ characteristics, and in winter jackets. The main features of this new fabric are the thermal properties, that uniform temperatures, granting heat dissipation. The dyeing process gives the fabric antistatic characteristics required by military and workwear, and antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral features.

Since its antibacterial activity, the fabric is also anti-odor, which means a reduction in washing cycles, therefore increasing the sustainability of the final garment. “We’re proud of this collaboration with Directa Plus because together we can create an innovative product, perfectly aligned with our values” – said Stefano and Massimo Colombo, respectively the president and the CEO of Colombo Industrie Tessili – “The new technology was already tested on our brand Its Artea, a brand that specialises in technical fabrics and outwear, and we obtained excellent results. Now we’re going to enlarge it also to our high-end fabrics and this will allow us to be even more present in the luxury market”. Giulio Cesareo, CEO of Directa Plus, is also plesaed. “We are enthusiastic to be working with Colombo Industrie Tessili and to take our graphene-based dyeing technology into the high-end market. This partnership shows the efficiency of our technology”.