General Clark for Directa Plus’ graphene


Lightweight, durable and an excellent conductor of electricity: graphene qualities aren’t a secret, but among its many uses, from clothing to batteries, there are many of them still to be discovered.

The General Wesley Clark, retired after 38 years in the US military with four stars and one Presidential medal freedom, chose to find out for himself what the future holds for this material by entering to serve on the Board of Directors of Directa Plus.

Since 2016, the company based in Lomazzo, Como, deals with the production and supply of products based on graphene nanoplatelets. “I think graphene has great potential — explains Clark, — it could become the “material of wonders” of 21st century”. In particular, the one produced by Directa Plus is also used for technical items. The latest news novelty concerns the collaboration with the Italian army for the creation line sportswear.

“When I think of the kids of the army and their work, I think that graphene can be very useful — adds Clark – for its antibacterial properties and heat management”. The one produced by Directa “stands out for its process without waste and avoids any chemical treatment with organic solvents or acids – explains Giulio Cesareo, founder and CEO of Directa Plus, which ended 2022 with I0.86 million euros of revenues, is skin-friendly; exploiting only water, temperature and pressure to reduce its graphite thickness”.