Directa Plus, three-year contract with Liberty Galati for 5.5 million

Il Messaggero

Directa Plus, an Italian company active in the supply of graphene-based products listed on the London Stock Exchange, announced that its subsidiary for environmental services subsidiary Setcar has secured a three-year contract three-year contract with Liberty Galati, an integrated producer of steel producer in Romania, to provide a solution for the treatment of oily scale generated in the steel rolling. Rolling waste
are the scales (iron oxides) that form on the rolled product; when the billets, heated to almost 1000°C, pass through the rolling mill, coming into coming into contact with oxygen, oil and water in the of the rolls. During the entire rolling process approximately 2.5 per cent of the metal weight is lost. This multi-year contract, says a note, has a total value of 5.5 million euro, with the possibility of extension to a total value of 8 million (depending on the depending on the monthly production volumes of the rolling mills).

The solution offered by Setcar to Liberty Galati exploits the use of Grafysorber technology patented by Directa. This technology provides a unique method for the removal and recovery of the oily compounds of
which the rolling flakes are contaminated. It also facilitates the recycling of a waste product otherwise extremely difficult to process. Setcar’s treatment system will enable Liberty Galati to convert a significant amount of oily flakes into a raw material into a raw material (iron) that can be reused in the reused in the steel production process. This contract, awarded following a public tender a public tender, will enable Setcar to further expand its further expand its services for the treatment and disposal and disposal of industrial pollutant waste and to expand the range of applications of the Group’s Group’s Grafysorber, a hybrid solution based on graphene-based hybrid solution for the treatment of sludges and emulsions containing hydrocarbons.

According to the company, it is at least five times more effective than current technologies, absorbing more than 100 times its own weight of oil-based pollutants. Giulio Cesareo, founder and CEO of Directa Plus, commented: “This is the largest largest single contract awarded by the Group no to date and we are very proud of this achievement. Obtaining a multi-year contract with Liberty Galati is a very exciting win and demonstrates the growing potential of the products and technology solutions of our Group. We are targeting a major new application for Grafysorber with a global market of very high potential. We look forward to collaborating with Liberty Galati and to show the interesting advantages ored by Grafysorber and the technological solutions of Setcar’s technological solutions for recovering oily scales produced during steel rolling”. On the London Stock Exchange in the session of 7 September Directa Plus closed with a 10% rise to £48.