New Generation Battery

G+® Graphene Plus enhances remarkably the battery’s performances, proving also in this application to have exceptional properties and a transversal use.

G+® is used as a super conductive additive, both in the cathode and in the anode, and exploits its properties at best in the cathode. 

Case History

Electric vehicles

Directa Plus wants to create a battery that has half the cost of a similar lithium-ion version, but with an energy density from three to five times higher. In this way, a car could travel almost a 1000 km without the need for refueling. In addition, the presence of graphene allows for a stable chemical composition, avoiding the risk of combustion associated with lithium.

The enhanced thermal and electrical conductivities conferred by G+® improve the performances of the battery, such as the energy density improvement and durability enhancement. This aspect is very important for batteries used in power tools and for automotive vehicles.

Graphene Plus enhanced batteries can also be used for energy storage thanks to their greater energy density.

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