Graphene Plus can be a game changer for the paint industry. Grafyshield® is the commercial name of Diracta Plus’ Paint Additive. Grafyshield enables a wide array of functional paints, for the following applications
– General Industrial
– Protective Coating
– Can & Coil Coating
– Wood & Furniture
– Decorative Coatings
– Marine Coatings
– Automotive OEM
The main features of Grafyshield® are: anti-corrosion paints, for example for metals equipment used in the construction, petrochemical and transport sectors, and fire-retardant paints, for the coating of wood used in commercial and public buildings

Case History

GRAFYSHIELD® exploits the property of ensuring an inherent barrier effect typical of Graphene Plus.
By doing so, GRAFYSHIELD® protects surfaces from corrosion, surface chemical processes and other decomposition damage.
This special additive creates an impermeable layer that blocks the degradation caused by water, gas, chemicals, salt, and extreme weather.

Directa Plus developed an environmentally friendly and effective fire-retardant solution, called GRAFYSHIELD®.
G+® has a synergistic power and can be used to enhance existing fire retardancy in wood, coatings, resins and foams.

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