Directa Plus was named a National Champion for Italy in The European Business Awards, sponsored by RSM, in the ‘Environmental and Corporate Sustainability’ category. The award recognises Directa’s innovation, ethics and success.


Directa Plus was recognised by as one of the Top 10 Textiles Innovations for 2015/2016 for its graphene-enhanced fabrics, jointly developed with Colmar.


At IDTechEx Berlin 2015, Graphe Plus was recognised with the “Best Commercialization Award” for the revolutionary graphene-based cycling wheel.


At the 18th European Eco-Innovation Forum in Barcelona, Directa Plus’ GEnIuS (Graphene Eco Innovative Sorbent) project was acknowledged in the “Best of Eco-innovation: project success stories”


Directa Plus received the “Federico Faggin Innovation Award” at Olivetti Day 2015 for research and development demonstrated in the fields of new materials and nanotechnology – representing Italian excellence in graphene production and use


Expobici Innovation Award 2014 for the first carbon-fibre rim reinforced with G+


Directa Plus was awarded, by the Legambiente environmental association, the “Innovazione Amica dell'Ambiente” for the Lombardy region in recognition for being the “first company worldwide using graphene in racing bike tires”