G+® Technology

G+® Technology


Under our G+® brand, we offer a range of graphene nanoplatelets-based products – either ready-to-use or custom-blended to meet customers' specific technical requirements.

Benefits of our products:

◦ Chemical-free

◦ Certified as non-toxic

◦ High purity

◦ Consistent quality

◦ Taylor-made particles shape

◦ Production capacity: 30 tonnes/year

◦ Abudant, safe and non-toxic raw material

Patented, modular process


Our production process uses a unique technique we call Plasma Super Expansion. Starting from natural graphite, each step of the process – expansion, exfoliation and drying – creates graphene nanoplatelets-based materials ready for a variety of uses and available in different forms such as powder, liquid and paste. Our production process produces a highly consistent graphene nanoplatelets product - an important factor for commercial customers - and does not need any chemical or solvent additives.

Tailor-made for customer needs


When used in consumer and industrial applications, G+® enables end-products to perform better while remaining affordable. We partner with customers to develop bespoke graphene blends that have just the right morphology for their particular application. We produce the precise ingredient to make our customer’s product stand out from the competition.

Scalable, portable production


Our factory near Milan can produce up to 30 tonnes of graphene nanoplatelets-based products each year. In addition we can set up production directly at customer locations, thus adding scalable capacity and reducing transport costs, waste and time-to-utilisation.