Directa Plus was a pioneer in the application of G+® Graphene Plus in the elastomer field, creating a unique formulation for bicycle tires.
Thanks to the expertise acquired in this sector, we move forward the development of ready-to-use masterbatches for the industrial application, especially for technical goods, membranes, hoses and O-rings. The masterbatch designed for these applications is ZAPP G+® A polyolefin based masterbatch of pristine graphene nanoplatelets. This material is produced without using any surfactants nor processing aids, thus providing a high purity pristine graphene product ready to use. 
Zapp G+®, being in granules form, dramatically facilitate the incorporation of graphene nanoplatelets into final compound and ensures a faster dispersion and distribution compared to traditional fillers.
ZAPP G+® consists of granules made by pristine graphene nanoplatelets and polyolefin.