Oil Spill Response and Industrial Oil Removal

The GRAFYSORBER® oil absorbent products are engineered to make the most of the absorbent capacity of this revolutionary material.
The specially designed external fabric of barriers, pillows and socks is filled with GRAFYSORBER®, a super expanded graphite, produced through a patented and proprietary technology, able to absorb 100 times its own weight. 
These products can be used to remove oil from the surface of water and from the ground, in case of oil spills or to prevent oil spread.
GRAFYSORBER® oil absorbent products can be used in industrial application as well, such ad wastewater treatment plant, to increase the effectiveness of oil separating systems, or wherever there is the need to place an effective device to remove and retain oils and hydrocarbons.
GRAFYSORBER® oil absorbent devices comply with the international regulations in terms of marine defence.

Case History

GRAFYSORBER® barriers and pillows 

GRAFYSORBER® absorbing barriers and pillows have been used as a fixed defense barrier on a stream contaminated by hydrocarbons leaked for accidents or break-ins.
They performed up to 16 times better than traditional polypropylene based product.

Grafysorber®️ oil absorbent products have been tested in the North Sea by anti-pollution companies, active in the oil & gas sector, with extremely positive results. The strengths are the lightness, and therefore the simplicity in handling, the effectiveness of absorption and the reduction of the amount of plastic used.

Tier 2 Oil Spill Response Exercise with PDO Oman

Several liters of crude oil were poured in confined sea water and quickly removed using few GRAFYSORBER® barriers and pillows.

Operator with GRAFYSORBER® barriers

During an ordinary remediation activity, the operator is deploying two adsorbing barriers to contain the oil spill and preserve the water, close to the electrical power plant. The two barriers are easy to handle thanks to their lower weight compared to the traditional ones.


Truck ready to deliver GRAFYSORBER® products and technology

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