Water Treatment

Directa Plus’s patented Grafysorber®️ technology is a graphene nanoplatelets-based solution for treating water, sludges and emulsions containing hydrocarbons which proved to be effective in situations where other traditional technologies are not performing.

In addition, Grafysorber®️ is sustainably produced, non-flammable and reusable, with the possibility to recover the absorbed hydrocarbons.

Case History

Sludge and emulsion treatment – Upstream tank farm, Romania

Thanks to GRAFYSORBER® technology, it was possible to recover more than 99% of crude oil from emulsions, with quality in line with customer requirements, through usage of modular and transportable treatment unit.

To date more than 40.000 cubic meters of emulsions have been processed, recovering more than 10.000 tons of high purity crude oil, which would have been disposed.

Historical contamination of water basin – Romania

GRAFYSORBER® technology was successfully used for the decontamination of over 30.000 m3 of water with hydrocarbons, with 250 ppm on the surface and an average of 60 ppm on the rest of the basin.
GRAFYSORBER® technology has made it possible to reach output concentrations well below the legal limits of 5 ppm of TPH, reaching values constantly below 1 ppm.
Thanks to this result it was possible to discharge the water into a nearby emissary.
The classic decontamination procedure, that requires flocculation, decantation and filtration by activated carbon was substituted by GRAFYSORBER® technology, consisting of physical mixing and filtration.

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