G+® Dyeing

The dyeing process developed with a technical partner represents a new way for our clients to implement Graphene Plus in their fabric.

The properties G+®️ is able to confer to the final garment are multiple: heat equalization, antimicrobial (both antiviral and antibacterial) and antistatic. We have conducted several tests in the climatic chamber to demonstrate the effectiveness of thermal abilities of this technology. While antimicrobial protection has been certified by independent laboratories.

The dyeing process is based on a foulard impregnation that is water-based and chemical-free. This process has been commercially validated on

  • antibacterial
  • antimicrobic
  • antistatic
  • heat equalization
  • thermal comfort


Lining for professional and casual jackets, Home Textiles, Medical & HO.RE.CA.


The main properties are:

  • Thermal conductivity
  • Antimicrobial (antibacterial and antiviral)
  • Antistatic

translated into:

  • Heat homogenization and equalization, therefore thermal comfort
  • No-odor and antimicrobial protection
  • Dissipation of the surface electrostatic charges, for a constant sense of well-being and workwear requirement

Commercial consumer products

  • Co-mask: Cernobbio’s cover outer and inner fabric is made of G+® dyed cotton fabric.
  • Romy calzado collection realized with G+® dyed cotton
  • Workwear & Fashion lining
Case history

Classic jacket with a lining dyed with G+®

A viscose lining dyed with G+® (Lining Plus™) is able to provide disruptive properties to a traditional garment, The main advantages are: heat equalization, antistatic and antimicrobial.
Lining Plus™ is a brand-new product that targets professional, casual and luxury wear garments.

Dress with G+® dyed cotton by Romy Calzado

The emerging stylist Romy Calzado chose the G+® dyed cotton to create this design dress. The main advantages are: heat equalization, antistatic and antimicrobial. This is the perfect example of how G+® can be used to combine fashion and technology.

Cernobbio Co-mask™ with G+® dyed cotton

Cernobbio is a community mask designed by Directa Plus, with the G+® dyed cotton. This mask provides high breathability and thermal comfort, together with antimicrobial property, that means antibacterial and antiviral protection.

The Cernobbio mask is available on Directa Plus’ e-commerce graphene-plus.com

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