Masterbatch for thermoplastics

Directa Plus developed a family of masterbatches, starting from the most common polymers PA, PES, LLDPE, ZAPP, with an average concentration of 10%.

Moreover, we can customize other formulations with other polymers and at different concentrations, depending on the client’s needs and the target properties to be achieved. 

G+® Graphene Plus can be incorporated into polymeric materials through film extrusion, injection or extrusion molding processes. 

  • Antibacterial
  • Antistatic
  • Gas & solvents impermeability
  • Heat dissipation
  • Lower deformation
  • Mechanical properties
  • UV adsorption


  • film extrusion
  • injection molding
  • extrusion molding
  • 3D printing filament


obtaining the following properties:

  • Improved barrier effect to gas and solvents
  • Bacteriostatic effect
  • UV adsorption
  • Heat dissipation
  • Antistatic properties

as in the eye-wear applications, with the following properties

  • Mechanical properties improvements
  • Weight reduction
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Bacteriostatic properties

exploiting the following properties:

  • Lower deformation
  • Heat dissipation
  • Improved gas and solvents
  • impermeability
  • Bacteriostatic effect
  • UV adsorption

Commercial consumer products

  • Ready-to-use range of masterbatches
  • PLA filament GRAFYLON® 3D
  • PA filament Radilon 3D
Case history

Eyeglasses with G+

In 2017 G+® debuts in eyewear in collaboration with a major eyewear producer, confirming the versatility of the material. During the creation process of this collection, every detail—from design to production techniques—has been studied to make the best use of the incredible characteristics of graphene. The molds, for example, were designed with special care to facilitate equal distribution of the material, a special mixture of resins and graphene, all over the front of the frame.

Polymeric film with G+® extruded

G+® is incorporated or coated on the polymeric film, obtaining improved barrier effect to gas and bacteriostatic effect. This product can be used for packaging, construction, and agricultural applications.

GRAFYLON® 3D spools

Together with an important filament producer Filoalfa, we developed GRAFYLON® 3D, available in different formats. Thanks to its biocompatibility is ideal for regenerative medicine applications. Furthermore, 3D printed devices with G+® can be sterilized by near-infrared light exposure