Oil-spill recovery

GRAFYSORBER® is an innovative graphene-based material ideal for tackling environmental emergencies, including both historical and recent pollution


  • Super performing material: at least five times better than conventional solutions

  • Very fast adsorption kinetics

  • Recovery of adsorbed hydrocarbons and re-use of the material


Commercial products


  • A wide range of oil adsorbent barriers and pillows is available in different sizes and formats

  • Mobile Production Unit: able to produce on site and on-demand the GRAFYSORBER® needed to clean up the contamination




Directa Plus’ project GENIuS (Graphene Eco Innovative Sorbent) recognized by the European Commission as one of the best projects in the eco-innovation field

"Sustainable development award" at Ecomondo 2018 fair, recognized to the  most advanced companies active in the green economy sector

Wastewater treatment

GRAFYSORBER® is ideal for the removal of oil and hydrocarbons in many industrial remediation activities

  • Ready-to-use

  • Cost-effective: enables the recovery and recycling of the adsorbent oils

  • Eco-friendly: sustainable and environmentally friendly

Commercial products

  • Loose materials or containment systems (like barriers, booms,pillows)

  • Industrial water treatment batch systems for different end users


Both products are fully customizable according to customers specific needs


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