To contribute to the fight against Covid-19, Directa Plus, developed a multifunctional protective mask functionalized with G+® Graphene Plus.

The research and development took place inside Directa Plus’s Advanced Development Area (ADA). While the antimicrobial properties have been validated by the Institute Gemelli and the University Cattolica of Rome. The antiviral activity has been tested against SARS-CoV-2. Tests were carried out following ISO18184. Following this important scientific research, the results were published on the scientific magazine iScience.

Co-mask™, available in different models and sizes, is a multifunctional mask: antiviral, antibacterial, with a proven filtration efficiency of 95%, breathable, sustainable (a filter lasts 40 hours of use), dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic.

Case History

This is Agata, from the CocaiExpress™ team, the first delivery food company in Venice, wearing a Co-mask™ and a G+® t-shirt.

This is her statement:
I speak on behalf of the whole Cocai team, the mask works really well! Delivering hot meals, we often find ourselves in a rush between deliveries, with this mask we breathe well, even during physical exertions. The design is very nice, people often ask us where we got them.

In 2019 Directa Plus developed a high performing graphene-based mask, the Co-Mask, in order to contribute to the fight against Covid-19.
The mask is available on Directa Plus’ e-commerce

Lamborghini Custom Mask
Directa Plus offers also custom masks for B2B customers.
In this Case History: the washable Co-masks with replaceable filters in Graphene Plus combined with the Lamborghini design to protect ourselves and the others while respecting the planet.

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