G+®️ Sport T-Shirt 

The G+® Planar Thermal Circuit® (PTC®) technology is ideal for any sports t-shirt or jersey.
PTC® is a patented functional Graphene Plus print able to ensure thermal regulation, antistatic effect, antibacterial protection (therefore it ensures a no-odor effect).

The Planar Thermal Circuit® technology has been validated by conducting a thorough research in climatic chamber. Results demonstrate that the user experiences enhanced thermal comfort, increased moisture management, with improved drying rate, without compromising air or water vapor permeability. The G+® print technology has effect not only on the skin temperature, but on the core temperature of the user as well.

The “Circuit” can be customized by creating the desired geometrical pattern or logo repetition. Directa Plus offers a consultancy service to optimize the Planar Thermal Circuit® following the customers’ chosen design.

Case History

The Sonar Graphene Swimsuit by Ryzon.

A swimsuit full of new ideas. Innovative Graphene allows for optimal thermoregulation in cold and warm weather alike. This protects both from hypothermia and overheating. I.R. technology promotes blood circulation and low oxygen consumption by the muscles. This prevents muscle fatigue and the faster recovery times of the muscles lead to more strength and an increased performance. The combination of comfortable, skin-friendly material, perfect fit and supportive, modern technologies allow the athlete to achieve new levels of performance.

The EE Sport Jersey for Basket Treviso

emotion energy®, a high-end Italian sportwear manufacturer, supplies the basketball team Basket Treviso with a jersey that features the PTC® technology.

The Tech-Shirt  is part of the Cosmic Collection, a garment line introduced by Directa Plus in 2020.
This collection aims to build an innovative and technological experience around customers.

A technological sports t-shirt made of recycled nylon, recycled elastane jersey and a technical mesh. The Tech-Shirt is available on Directa Plus’ e-commerce graphene-plus.com

We conducted several tests in the climatic chamber through certified labs to demonstrate the performances during sport activity conditions, defined with our different customers. The tests demonstrate that G+® reduces both the skin and core temperature of the athlete helping him to preserve more energy for the competition.

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