G+®️ Membrane for Jacket

The G+® membranes, GRAFYTHERM® and GRAFYGUARD™, can be laminated onto any type of fabrics.
By doing so, we obtain bi-layers or three-layers that can be used in the manufacturing of jackets, uniforms, sweatshirts, etc.
The incorporation of the G+® membrane in the final garment provides a unique thermal comfort, in terms of heat retention and equalization, waterproof and windproof protection, and an antistatic effect.
We tested the garments containing our membranes in climatic chamber, with different weather conditions. From the data we collected, we have evidence that a G+® membrane is able to provide HEAT RETENTION and HOMOGENIZATION, maintaining the relative humidity lower. All tests have been carried out comparing the G+® garment with and identical standard one, at the same climatic conditions and tester activity.

Case History

Clerici Tessuto jacket with G+®

This elegant trench coat was realized by Clerici Tessuto, one of the leading suppliers in the global textile landscape for luxury brands. The G+® membrane is used as a functional lining to exploit heat retention and equalization, avoiding hot spots.

A major Italian luxury fashion brand is using GRAFYTHERM® coupled with natural fabrics as a high-end bi-layer for jackets.

The G+® membrane is a versatile technology, that can be laminate also to natural fabrics such as wool and cashmere. This allows our customers to innovate also traditional garments introducing a technology able to reposition the garments in the fashion-tech trend.

G+® membrane as a functional lining for Hugo Boss

This zipped functional sweatshirt was realized with the G+® membrane laminated directly towards the body to exploit heat retention and equalization. The functional lining allows to reduce the padding’s thickness and weight, giving to the user a higher comfort in terms of thermal comfort and fitting.

EE sports choose GRAFYTHERM® for its collection of cycling jackets. 

They realized a new combination of 3 materials, named 3LAYEER®, where G+® is placed between a natural fabric (merino wool and lyocell), and a waterproof interlock. Thanks to the 3LAYEER®, the SKUDO jacket is suitable both for cold and hot weather. The users will experience an excellent thermal comfort thanks to GRAFYTHERM® and its ability to homogenize the heat.

G+®  Starship Jacket

A scuba-designed elastic, wind, and waterproof three-layer hooded jacket. The Starship Jacket is the perfect multipurpose jacket: from extreme situations to daily urban use.
This jacket is based on a three-layer technology, G+® is integrated in the internal layer : Graphene Plus 20-micron membrane. This is the technological heart of the Starship Jacket, allowing optimal management of the heat naturally produced by human body.

The Starship Jacket is available on Directa Plus’ e-commerce graphene-plus.com

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