G+®️ Coating for Exterior Applications

Thanks to a special water-based coating process Directa Plus is able to integrate Graphene Plus in coating applications.
The G+® coating can be applied to different substrates: microfiber, TPU and others. Our R&D team keeps adding new fabrics for the application of this technology. Thanks to the Advanced Development Area (ADA), Directa Plus can offer consultancy services to validate new substrates for the G+® coating.

The G+® coating ensures antimicrobial protection (antibacterial & antiviral), UV fastness, abrasion resistance and antistatic properties.

This technology is extremely versatile, in fact, it can be used in many different industries: from automotive to footwear. Designers can cover accessories, furniture items and garments details with the G+® coating.
Aesthetically the G+® coating can create different fashionable effects thanks to an incredibly wide range of available textures.

Case History

The designer Mario Prandina, founder of the brand Plinio il Giovane, choose the G+® coating microfiber to cover different furniture pieces of its collection, from a lounge sofa, to a reading chair.

Secondo Piano is an innovative deskpad, designed by Giulio Iacchetti: This piece has a convenient handle to move it easily and eventually hang it on a dedicated hook.

Directa Plus together with a Leading Worldwide Supplier of automotive interiors is developing a suite of new products for the automotive industry. The partnership is also exploiting the antimicrobial, UV fastness and abrasion resistance properties of the G+® coating.

An elegant and sporty jacket made of Graphene Plus G+® coating, with a hidden nylon hood and front pockets with waterproof zip fastening. The soft suede fabric on the inside of the jacked gives a feeling of luxury and comfort.

The Tech-Shirt is available on Directa Plus’ e-commerce graphene-plus.com

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