G+®️ Printed Lining

The G+® Planar Thermal Circuit® is a patented Graphene Plus functional print that can be applied to different type of fabrics, from natural to synthetic.

A thorough research in climatic chamber demonstrated that the G+® PTC® absorbs the heat produced by the human body, distributes it inside the garment and provides a thermal homogenization thus an enhanced thermal comfort. This mechanism supports the natural thermoregulation of the body, avoiding the creation of hot spots by moving heat from a warm area to a cooler one.
Furthermore the Planar Thermal Circuit® is antistatic and antibacterial, therefore it ensures a no-odor effect. 

The “Circuit” can be customized by creating the desired geometrical pattern or logo repetition. Directa Plus offers a consultancy service to optimize the Planar Thermal Circuit® following the customers’ chosen design.

Case History

Directa Plus was a pioneer in the application of this technology in the workwear sector. Together with our partner Alfredo Grassi, an innovative leader in the workwear industry, we introduced the PTC® in the uniforms of the national firefighters, the Italian railway service, and many other public contracts. We achievied impressive results in terms of protection and thermal comfort.

The PTC® is a popular choice for bulletproof vests due to its ability to improve thermal comfort for wearers. Whether you’re a civilian, law enforcement officer, or military personnel, PTC® enhances your wearable experience by providing antistatic properties when using firearms and offering antimicrobial protection as well.

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