G+®️ Cycling Garments


Directa Plus was a pioneer in the application of G+® technology in cycling and started to collaborate with important brands to successfully implement G+® in cycling jerseys, bibs, jackets and triathlon suites.

G+® is printed directly on the internal layer of the fabric: it creates an active interaction between the body and the garment. This ensures a heat dissipation and an equalization of body temerature by avoiding the creation of hot-spots. Furthermore, it ensures a bacteriostatic effect, resulting in an “odor-free” effect.

Tests have proven that the enhanced thermal regulation has a positive impact on the vascular system in terms of blood circulation and reduction of the heartbeats.

In July 2021, members of the Dutch, Belgian and German cycling team won four medals at the Tokyo Olympics (one gold, two silver and one bronze).

Case History

Also Oakley integrated the Planar Thermal Circuit® in its cycling line.

The Graphene Aero Jersey developed with Directa Plus’ G+® Graphene Plus technology, dissapates heat as it pulls it from the body.

The Jersey Lissia Plus by EE Sport

emotion energy®, a high-end Italian sportwear manufacturer, is using the PTC® technology in its clothing line.
EE Sport is supplying the Italian Fiamme Azzurre Cycling Team.

The Sonar Graphene Swimsuit by Ryzon.

A swimsuit full of new ideas. Innovative Graphene allows for optimal thermoregulation in cold and warm weather alike. This protects both from hypothermia and overheating. Graphene Plus is an infrared radiation (I.R.) based technology, it promotes blood circulation and low oxygen consumption by the muscles. This prevents muscle fatigue and the faster recovery times of the muscles lead to more strength and an increased performance. The combination of comfortable, skin-friendly material, perfect fit and supportive, modern technologies allow the athlete to achieve new levels of performance.

The R-EV1 Velocity by Alè

Alè, a specialized sport jersey producer relies on the properties of the PTC® for its cycling garments.

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