G+®️ Membrane for Footwear

The G+® membrane, GRAFYTHERM®, can be laminated to footwear linings or 3D-Mesh. GRAFYTHERM® ensures different advantages beyond wind and waterproof protection. The great thermal properties of Graphene Plus make GRAFYTHERM® a technological ingredient that ensures HEAT HOMOGENIZATION, avoiding the creation of hot sports and thermal discomfort for the user. Furthermore, the G+® membrane is antistatic and being just 20 micron thick it is extremely light.

This enables our customers to create a light and thin shoe that performs great thermal regulation both in hot and cold weather.

Case History

the norda™ 001 G+® Spike high performance trail shoe.

Graphene Plus is integrated into the Dyneema® one-piece woven upper lining in the toe box of the shoes. This provides the runner with additional comfort due to the thermal conductivity while adding almost zero additional weight.

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