G+®️ Membrane for Heating Applications

Directa Plus developed a specific membrane, GRAFYOHM™, for electrical applications.
Depending on the application, the surface resistivity of this G+® membrane is able to provide electrical resistance for heating applications or data transmission features.

GRAFYOHM™ is a highly versatile solution, being a membrane, it can be easily integrated in the final product by lamination with a fabric. Directa Plus also offers a conductive tape, obtained from this G+® membrane. The tape is thermo adhesive and is a ready-to-use solution both for different industries.

This product is being currently used in the automotive industry to substitute the copper elements of heating components and in clothing as an alternative to wiring.
Directa Plus also offers a consultancy service to exploit the potential of GRAFYOHM™ according to the customers’ needs.

Case History

Directa Plus together with a Leading Worldwide Supplier of automotive interiors is developing a suite of new products for the automotive industry. The partnership is also exploiting the electrical conductivity properties of GRAFYOHM™.

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