Welcome to the
Graphene Age
G+® graphene is the material of the future. It can be applied almost to any industry. Discover how it changes the environment.

Watch Giulio Cesareo's closing keynote at the World Manufacturing Forum 2020

It takes years to clean-up oil spills. Watch below how it takes us just 5 minutes.



The Anti SARS-CoV-2 Graphene Plus Co-Mask: a mask for the community

By using Graphene Plus' exceptional Antiviral properties Directa Plus developed a high performing graphene-based mask to the fight against Covid-19.

Graphene-Plus-Cosmic Jacket.jpg

The Graphene Plus COSMIC COLLECTION a quantum leap for textiles

This collection aims to build an innovative and technological experience around customers. The Cosmic Collection is a showcase for the incredible versatility of Graphene Plus and its application. G+® means no-compromise: ultimate clothing performance & sustainability.

Graphene-enhanced environmental

and textile products will be 

company makers' for Directa Plus