Welcome to the
Graphene Age
G+® Graphene is not just a material. It's a vision. Our vision.
It's the way we are changing everything in the world.

Watch Giulio Cesareo's closing keynote at the World Manufacturing Forum 2020

It takes years to clean-up oil spills. Watch below how it takes us just 5 minutes.



The Anti SARS-CoV-2 Graphene Plus Co-Mask: a mask for the community

By using Graphene Plus' exceptional Antiviral properties Directa Plus developed a high performing graphene-based mask to the fight against Covid-19.

Graphene-Plus-Cosmic Jacket.jpg

The Graphene Plus COSMIC COLLECTION a quantum leap for textiles

This collection aims to build an innovative and technological experience around customers. The Cosmic Collection is a showcase for the incredible versatility of Graphene Plus and its application. G+® means no-compromise: ultimate clothing performance & sustainability.

Graphene-enhanced environmental

and textile products will be 

company makers' for Directa Plus